Life is Crazy with out Horses

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life is crazy! This week has had something going on every day and night.

Monday- Wake-up go to seminary and school. Dance practice after, come home sleep for a hour wake-up eat dinner and have FHE. Finnish homework and go to bed.

Tuesday- Wake-up go to seminary and school. Go home on the bus get ready for horseback riding, go to lesson. Come home clean up so I don't smell like horses, then have dinner and leave for Young Womens. Come home and finnish hoework and go to bed.

Wednesday- Procrastinate to wake-up, go to seminary and school. Stay at school for practice, get a ride to my friend's house, then mom picks me up and I go home clean the house and make gift tags. Then I babysit for Amber. Come home and do homework and fall asleep while writing my paper at midnight.

Thursday- Wake-up, feel sick, take medicine, then throw-up in the trash can, go back to bed and sleep tell 12:00. Then watch tv, then get on computer and do homework.

So as you can tell most of my week has been pretty busy and tomorrow I'm performing in the Winter Assembly at school. I'm nervous but hopefully I'll feel well enough to even go to school. Well obiviously I have gotten myself to busy, and I need to get more sleep. So a weekend will do me good.


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