Life is Crazy with out Horses

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life is crazy! This week has had something going on every day and night.

Monday- Wake-up go to seminary and school. Dance practice after, come home sleep for a hour wake-up eat dinner and have FHE. Finnish homework and go to bed.

Tuesday- Wake-up go to seminary and school. Go home on the bus get ready for horseback riding, go to lesson. Come home clean up so I don't smell like horses, then have dinner and leave for Young Womens. Come home and finnish hoework and go to bed.

Wednesday- Procrastinate to wake-up, go to seminary and school. Stay at school for practice, get a ride to my friend's house, then mom picks me up and I go home clean the house and make gift tags. Then I babysit for Amber. Come home and do homework and fall asleep while writing my paper at midnight.

Thursday- Wake-up, feel sick, take medicine, then throw-up in the trash can, go back to bed and sleep tell 12:00. Then watch tv, then get on computer and do homework.

So as you can tell most of my week has been pretty busy and tomorrow I'm performing in the Winter Assembly at school. I'm nervous but hopefully I'll feel well enough to even go to school. Well obiviously I have gotten myself to busy, and I need to get more sleep. So a weekend will do me good.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holy Cow! I haven't been on here forever. So much has happened, school started, I joined the dance team, I'm getting super awsome grades in all my classes, amd I started horseback riding lessons!!!!(I'm learning how to barrel race)!!!!
-School has been really fun and I'm making lots of new friends, and the best part of school going to seminary! It's awsome to start out each day with the spirit and I love learning things that I never new or thought about in the gospel.
-Dance team is awsome! I went to the try outs and just decided to go and have an awsome time. It was really fun, right now we are working on a piece of choregraphy for the Christmas assemble. I've also made lots of friends on the dance team and it's super fun.
-Horseback riding lessons are super fun! I already told you but I'm learning how to barrel race and to tell the truth it's not as easy as it looks. It's even harder when the horse you're riding is being difficult and spooks on the second lesson (my teacher said she has never seen her spook before and that I handeled it very well).
-Boys there are so many none mormon boys down here it gets difficult who to decide to have a crush on and who not to, but I want everyones know how about boys and tell me what you think. There are 3 boys I'm wondering about, the 1st one's name is Eric and he's mormon and is nice, teases me all the time, and in choir we have to put our backpacks behind the stands we sit on and he always gets mine for me. The 2nd one's name is Josh and he sits next to me in guitar and he always gives me side glances and smiles, (he is also in my homeroom). The 3rd one's name is Ernie and I think he's in 10th grade and he rides my bus (that I only ride in the afternoon twice a week) and lives down the street from me. But today on the bus he kept looking at me and he wouldn't stop. Whenever I looked back to see what was going on he stared starring at me. So now I need advice on everything! But there is the up date on me and some of the things that have been going on in my life.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mom Took a picture from behind to get the veiw with me also.

That's all the horses waiting for the ride.(left to right Starly, Senior, Ree, Jack, Arizona) Mom rode Ree and Arizona, and I rode Starly.

That's me after the ride because I had been riding around the parking lot.

Isn't the veiw Beautiful?

Mom trying to get up the rock
Luke up there
Me at the top
Hannah on her way up there

My mom and I have been gone this past week on a mini-vacation. We borrowed an RV from Ryan's company, and went to Bryce Canyon. We were scheduled to go horseback riding in the canyon, but I got the stomach flu as we pulled into camp, so the next day we canceled the horseback ride, and went to Logan to see Hannah and Rebecca for a few days. We were able to celebrate Rebecca's birthday with her, and meet her new boyfriend, Tanner, and go to the county fair.
On Friday Hannah took us rock climbing- that's her favorite activity now, and it's really fun to watch how fast she can get up there. I think it was Luke's 2nd time and he got up there pretty fast too. Mom only got 3-4 feet off the ground. I went all the way to the top my first time (with help from luke a.k.a he pulled me up to the top). Then we went to a park and had tin foil dinners and smores over a campfire.
On Saturday, Hannah's boyfriend's mother set up for us to go horseback riding with her husband's business partner. He took us up Logan canyon, and we went on a 5 hour trail ride that was beautiful and so much fun because I was the leader the whole time!! Then he took me to his friend's arena so I could ride the horse at a faster pace for a while. My mom went on the trial ride too and loved it. Then that evening we went to the Cache County Rodeo! And the person sitting behide us was the wife of one of the saddle bronc riders. We really did horses that day!
My mom and I visited our Orem ward on Sunday, and came home on Monday. So we had a fun, exciting week, but I'm glad to be home. Even though I wish I could of stayed longer in Orem to play with my friends.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

You wish you could kick like a girl!

You wish you could kick like a girl!: Life is Crazy with out Horses

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Right now my best friend Courtney is visiting me and we are having so much fun together. We've gone shopping, we wen to Fremont St. Experience and The Adventure Dom, and went up into the mountains. We have had tons of fun together but the end of her visit is coming soon. Hopefully I can see her again soon.